WARNING: our hearts may explode.

Lace and Lilies just took part in a contest for a FedEx Small Business Grant...for those of you who have been so annoyed by our persistence, please accept our warmest apologies, it is never easy reaching out on social media, in a classy way.  But let's be honest, in our world today...it is a great way to get things done!


We all express ourselves in various ways, Lisa and I have been lucky enough to utilize our artistic abilities to show the world how we are feeling.  Flowers are comfort.  Flowers are expression.  Flowers are our connection to you.  But sometimes, that just isn't enough...and there aren't enough flowers in the world to show you our gratitude for the amount of love and support we have felt and seen through out this process. 


So here it is, our first attempt to thank all of you for what you do for us.  A blog post is a great way to reach everyone at once, but I know it could not do how we are feeling justice!  We took a huge leap of faith, less than 3 years ago.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, the amount of beauty that would be a part of our everyday lives, or how unbelievably lucky we would be to meet so many fantastic people.  


Some of you have been following our journey from day one, some of you are new to this oh-so-crazy-flower-mayhem, and maybe some will find us in the future.  Either way, our HEARTS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE.  The reason we do what we do, is to spread our love to anyone we can, through flowers...and in return, we feel like we are actually the lucky ones, being showered with so much love.  


All we can say, is thank you.  Thank you for believing in us, to get the job done, to create something beautiful, and to show you how much we are in love with Lace and Lilies.  Thank you for the constant support, you will never know how it makes us feel, everyday.  We are beyond lucky, and keep watching...this is going to get even bigger!

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