There's a CIRCUS in my head...

A look back at a fun-colorful-off-the-charts kind of day!  A team of talented individuals pulled off the greatest show on earth - right here in Fort Collins, Colorado!  Our dear friends at Harper Point Photography collaborated, created and captured all the mayhem - we always enjoy our time with them!

It would not be a circus inspired wedding with out suspending all the decor.  No matter where you looked, bright, bold and whimsical elements dangled in front of your eyes...even the donut cake and flowers! 

Billy Balls, Pin Cushion Protea, Celosia and Explosion Grass add the perfect touch to the pop corn table.

The bride and groom's table was complete with balancing elephants, textured flowers and graphics by the amazing GingerFresh Design - fun and eye catching!

To add to the madness, we spiced up the bouquets and boutonnieres and gave them some circus flair!

Our friends over at Studio Be, really hooked up ladies with some wild locks to compliment the bright and bold makeup by Steele the Spotlight!  The perfect dresses were found at the one and only Dora Grace Bridal.  These four were the perfect fit for a crazy day!

Not only was this day fun and exciting, it lives on - all over the world!  We are so happy to have been a part of such an innovative team!


What do you get when you add talented babes + killer models + and post it notes??  Welp, let us show you -

Neon Wedding Inspiration-Neon Submission-0026.jpg

There are moments in time, when all you really need is some bold color.  Like today!  Our oh-so-sunny Colorado, isn't.  The temperature is so low, I do not even want to click on my weather app.  And so here it is, NEON, NEON, NEON...and if that was not enough - more NEON!

 KJ and Rob Photographers, really captured the "party" with this one.  Their energetic style of shooting, absolutely complimented the theme of the day!

Neon Wedding Inspiration-Neon Submission-0007.jpg
Neon Wedding Inspiration-Neon Submission-0002.jpg

This bouquet is full of Acacia, Pin Cushion Protea, Dahlias, Alstromeria, Godetia, Tulips and Silver Brunia.  ...and why stop there?  Instead of shying away from the NEON, Keegan with Steele the Spotlight, really went for it with the beauty!  Timiry with Dora Grace Bridal, jazzed up her stunning dress with accessories from Express.  A combined effort, to help the flowers pop - we just love it!

Neon Wedding Inspiration-Neon Submission-0032.jpg

 A bright blue table, a post-it-note backdrop and the perfect graphics from Gingerfresh Design could not keep Emily and Kris from being in love and kissing on set!

One more...and I will let you get back to your day!  Oh, and check out the perfect manicure, from Susan at She She Nail and Wax Lounge!  

Neon Wedding Inspiration-Neon Submission-0014.jpg