Boutonnières, regardless of their small size, can make a big statement and add a lot of personality, texture, and color to an event. We just love how they represent our couple's unique, personal wedding and elopement styles. Traditionally composed with some gorgeous blooms and a bit of foliage, we have been seeing all types of boutonnières - rich in foliage, adding texture with berries and air plants, and even including sentimental items, such as a photo from a loved one.  

We always love how they tie everyone together, and how they appear to have just fallen out of the bouquets. Scroll down to see a variety of different boutonnières we have designed with love and how they truly tie in the couple's unique personality!

Pinning on a boutonniere

We love how this groom attached a family photo to his personal, unique, textured boutonnière. 

We just love how boutonnieres appear to have fallen directly out of the bouquets - they compliment everything so beautifully! Check out these lovely couple's and how everything just blends together.

Don't gorget about the little tykes! They make for some of the most adorable photos.

Kelly + Logan l June 27th, 2015 l Odell Brewing Co

Talk about a fun day - First and only wedding at Odell Brewery was one for the books! Kelly and Logan encompass the couple you want to be friends with - one of our favorite parts of their consultation was getting their timeline back from them where they'd written: F*CKIN DANCE. 

The perfect venue, the perfect couple, colorful blooms, paired with a special beer for the two of them made this whole day come together beautifully!

These two know how to throw a good party! 

We loved this sweet thing, and the flowers complement her expressive, colorful personality that comes through in these pictures! Never forget about your cute flower girl! 

We love personal touches unique to a couple, and a few simple blooms in beer bottles and growlers added some bright life into the space! 

We are crazy for these colorful boutonnieres! 

Give some hilarious guys some beautiful flowers and the results are fantastic! 

Customized O'dells glasses for their guests were a HIT! 

Here's to beer and flowers and LOVE! 


Boutonnières sometimes get overlooked when it comes to weddings.  There are so many decisions and details that have to be thought through to make your wedding day the perfect day - but do not give up on persuading him to wear a boutonnière, they are important!  And one of our favorite floral details!

If you are having a Black Tie wedding, make sure to compliment the elegance of the day with the flowers you choose.  For these two, we even wrapped the stems in black to compliment their threads.

We love to make each boutonniere custom and unique.  If your groom is not into wearing a more "floral" boutonniere, no problem!  How about incorporating fresh Hops...we do live in Colorado!

Try not to be afraid of color, it can really pop off a grey suit, or compliment a tie!

And those little ring bearers, they defiantly need to be recognized and given a little boutonniere!

Have you ever thought about using some non floral elements?  What about using a succulent or an air plant - that can really compliment his more manly personality!

It is also important to consider what season you are getting married in!  This boutonniere really screams WINTER WEDDING!