Elopements - and what makes them so magical!

It is a courageous decision to travel to your favorite spot — just you and your loved one and your trusted photographer to recite your vows and elope to celebrate your love in such an intimate, yet adventurous fashion! We love elopements because guess who still gets to make an appearance? Flowers! Bouquets, boutonnieres, and hair flowers are still a part of the beautiful day and we couldn’t be more grateful!

”The surge of elopements in the last several years has been the best and most inspiring thing for me as a photographer. Elopements inherently allow for a level of intimacy that is often more difficult to achieve when you get swirled into the vortex that is a traditional wedding. Elopements allow you to focus time, money and creative energy on the pieces that are most important to you. And that energy goes a long way when you are creating a smaller celebration. I often hear folks regretting spending so much energy on a big wedding, but I never hear anyone regretting grabbing the person they love, a photographer, some beautiful flowers to sneak away to a beautiful location to start their marriage adventure.” - Cassie Rosch

Maddie Mae from Adventure Instead —” As a professional photographer with years of experience capturing every type of wedding you could possibly imagine, I’ve consistently found myself unabashedly drawn to elopements. Personally, I choose to devote myself, and my business, to helping couples who seek intimacy, intentionality, and meaning on the day they choose to pledge their lives to each other— and for so many couples out there, a traditional wedding just won’t give them that. I’m not anti-big wedding whatsoever, above all, love and marriage win in my book—no matter what they look like. I just firmly believe that when a couple is making that incredible decision to choose each other forever, the day they do that should look and feel as authentic and true to themselves as possible. The reason I choose to capture elopements is because everyone is different and every couple deserves to know that the brave decision to choose each other doesn’t have to make them uncomfortable, stress them out, or put them in awkward positions.

I capture elopements because for every extroverted couple out there craving a big, traditional wedding, there’s an introverted couple equally as passionate about having a day that’s entirely focused on the just the two of them. I can tell by the look in a couples eyes when they’re standing there—under the milky way in the desert, atop a snow-capped mountain, or beneath a powerful waterfall—saying “I love you, let’s do this thing together forever,” that they’re doing it the way they want to. I capture elopements because everyone’s idea of their perfect wedding day looks different.

I want Adventure Instead to be that safe haven—that solid foundation that couples can build a wildly different wedding experience on and know that what they’re choosing is more than just OK—it’s perfect. I want us to be the guiding light for adventurous and introverted couples, leading them toward the day they’ve always dreamed of, and nothing less. Because when you really think about it, marriage itself is this beautiful, epic, wild adventure that two people are choosing to embark on together. If I can be someone who guides a couple toward the perfect way to start that adventure together, that’s all I’ll ever need.”

Thank you to Cassie and Maddie Mae and all of the incredible photographers for capturing the love between all of our fantastic couples who decided to elope! Like a photo you see? Click on the image to be directed to the photographer behind it!

Believe it or not… these are SILK flowers!! :)

Thank you for reading!

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