At Lace and Lilies, our vision is to not only create stunning flowers, but to also provide an unforgettable experience.

Our mission is to bring an elevated level of service, innovative design and a fun attitude to all our work.

We specialize in:

Founded in 2011, Lace and Lilies is a collaboration between Lisa and Lacey formed from a shared love of flowers and self expression.

Lacey Hamel - Co-Founder, Business Operations and Development 

Lacey keeps the show running at the Lace and Lilies studio. Whether meeting with clients, collaborating with her team or strategizing for the year ahead, Lacey thrives on positive relationships. To Lacey, a success is when the "client falls in love with what we can provide for them and CHOOSES us because there are no doubts they will receive the best product and love the journey we provide along the way!"

As an artist herself, Lacey wanted to do something beautiful and colorful while allowing her to work with her community and bring joy to others. "If I have the opportunity to make someone smile and have a good day, to me that is a success." Some of her most memorable Lace and Lilies moments include helping those closest to her. "We were lucky enough to do the flowers for my brother's wedding in Chicago and dear friends in Miami!"

Lacey is always looking to what's next and is constantly innovating for the company. In meeting Lacey, you'll see it's hard not to feel her love for what she does. Lacey's favorite flowers are snap dragons and tulips because they remind her of her carefree days as a child in the midwest. A perfect day outside of the studio "starts with coffee and ends with wine! Maybe a good book or a family longboard ride to the park in between!"

Love is everything and Lacey is so grateful her life revolves around it. Whether emailing, chatting on the phone or talking with Lacey and her team in person, you will be sure to feel the excitement the team has for your story. As John Lennon would say, "All you need is love." 

Lisa Ferguson - Co-Founder, Creative Director

Lisa is all about the flowers. She leads the design team in creating all of the gorgeous arrangements and installations.

In addition to arrangements, Lisa loves designing large scale installations and photo-shoots where she gets true creative freedom. She enjoys being able to successfully combine floral visions and instilling trust with the client, "Our clients always get the best results when giving the designers some freedom on flower choices and colors."

Over the last six years, a memorable moment for Lisa was the day they found out Lace and Lilies was in Martha Stewart Magazine as one of the top  62 floral designers in the nation. "There were lots of emotions, tears of joy, laughs, smiles and lots of celebrating."

Though Lisa has been working in the floral industry for 10+ years, she can still find flowers that are new and spark fresh inspiration. It's easy to feel her passion and creativity in each of her designs.

Lisa has been drawn to flowers since childhood and her favorite flower is a peony because they remind her of her grandmother, "She had peony bushes all along the side of her house, we enjoyed going outside and picking them together, watching the ants crawl off and arranging them in vases all over her house." A perfect day for Lisa is being with her boyfriend, friends and family at a campsite soaking up some sunshine in some hammocks with a craft beer in hand, "Sprinkle in some fun art projects (jewelry making, crocheting, macramé, fabric dying) or fishing and I am a happy camper."


Lace and Lilies is a floral design studio located in Fort Collins, Colorado